HCVF Toolkit for Romania, available now in English!

HCVF Toolkit HCVF Toolkit for Romania - A Practical Guide for Identification of High Conservation Forests is available now in English on Association for Forest Certification website.

Published in February 2013 by WWF- Romania, HCVF Toolkit is developed in the frame of the WWF/IKEA: "Responsible Forest Management for Sustainable Development in Danube-Carpathians Eco region Project"

This Guide is a revised edition of the previous version developed in 2005 and takes into consideration the modifications of the Certification Standard (Principle 9) approved in 2011, "FSC guidelines for High Conservation Value and Principle 9" (Timothy Synnott et al., 2011. FSC Guidelines for High Conservation Values and Principle 9. 96 p .) and experience acquired through implementing the previous edition.

HCVF Toolkit can be downloaded free by all interested parties here, or can be send by request on e-mail. .

For more information please contact Mr. Radu Vlad (, WWF Danube-Carpatian Programme, Forest Coordinator.



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