HCVF in practice

HCVF Identification Toolkit

For the practical identification of the High Conservation Value Forests, the Proforest Institute in Britain issued, in 2003, the Global HCVF Toolkit. This toolkit was subsequently adapted to the particular conditions of each country using it.

The present Romanian version is now at the second edition (WWF 2005) and was issued with the participation of a large number of experts in various fields (biology, botany, forestry, sociology, etc).

This toolkit aims at offering a practical methodology to define the high conservation values and to identify the forest areas containing such values. It also intends to offer practical management and monitoring recommendations in order to maintain and enhance the identified HCV.

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In order to provide useful information for those interested in the implementation of the HCVF concept, we propose a GIS Map which presents data related to the preliminary distribution of some particular high conservation values (HCV 1, HCV 2, HCV 3) for which nationwide data were available.

To find out further information on the data included in this map, the way it can be used and its purpose click here..

Who does it address?

  • 1. Forest Managers, to meet FSC standards related to HCVF
  • 2. Companies implementing FSC /HCVF policies
  • 3. Certification bodies assessing HCVF

The appropriate HCVF identification and management for the HCV conservation and enhancement has a particular significance for those who intend to prove responsible forestry practices. Through the verification of the management and the origin of the raw material used in the wood industry, the forest certification system intends to avoid in the commercial circuit the presence of inappropriately logged forest products sourced in High Conservation Value Forests.

Independently from this system, the concept proved an effective way to prove or verify the responsible management of the forest resources. It is, therefore independently used in many other fields, such as: nature resource conservation and management, creation of the procurement policies for the companies that process and commercialize forest products (Djurberg et al. 2004) and even in the creation of governmental agency policies.



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